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Nepal and Italy have many similarities: Maussemo Rosseto , Chairman ( Friuli Mandi Nepal Namaste Italy)


FRIULI MANDI NEPAL NAMASTE is a social organization established in Italy. The organization is supporting different schools in Nepal. There are many projects running in Nepal under this organization. 

We have made a brief interview with Massimo Rossetto, Chairman of FRIULI MANDI NEPAL NAMASTE.  Wecome to Nepal

Massimo Rosseto: Thyank you and I am  very  happy to be here. When did you visited Nepal first?

Massimo Rosseto: I have visited Nepal for the first time in 2000 AD. I have went to Mount Kailash and spent three days. I have stayed in Kathmandu for 3 days and I observe the life here and found many differences comparing to mine. But I like the life and people here and I started coming every year. We built schools in different places. This time we are here to inaugurate  4 schools building in Dhading district. What inspired you to work in Nepal?

Massimo Rosseto: The first and important things are the people who are happy though they have nothing. The children are happy despite numbers of troubles. The people of Europe had faced the similar conditions many years ago.

I have read the story of my grandmother. I am from the mountain regions like the Himalayas of Nepal . The story of the struggle of my grandmother are just like the struggle of the women in Nepal at present.

Maussimo Rosseto with Punya Raj Pudasaini
Maussimo Rosseto with Punya Raj Pudasaini :How and why do you established FRIULI MANDI NEPAL NAMASTE?

Massimo Rosseto: After my first visit I made a discussion with my friends . We started the work slowly and there are about 1500 members and every year we are supporting and running different projects here in Nepal. We built schools and we promote to collect fund for the projects among our friends families and other people. What are your further planning?

Massimo Rosseto: At present we are supporting 450 children only in school. CDCA will be our next target. Our relationship will be deeper in the days to come. We will be the partner and run different projects. What  is life?

Massimo Rosseto: Life is compassion, sharing and living together. What is the mea of living a meaningful life?

Massimo Rosseto: Respect for all and from everybody to every thing is the essence of meaningful life.

massi What are the attraction of Nepal

Massimo Rosseto: Nepal gas a lot of human potentials. When I have visited last time there were no telephones. But now people are using mobiles phones. I see mobile in everyone’s hand . They are using it though they do not have the food to it. This is not good. This is a wrong way. The development pace  is slow and we have to digest not to get it. We need a lot of energy for work. What are the similarities between Nepal and Italy?

Massimo Rosseto: I am a villagers and I live in mountains. Nepal is a mountainous country. I didn’t know about Kathmandu and when I went to Himalayas they were are like heaven. They have to love the nature. Do you have any messages to the people of worlds ?

Massimo Rosseto: I would like to req2uest all the people to be strong and help the people in need. We are living good life which is a gift . I f we help other it will be a heavenly gift.

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