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Acting is my passion: Preena Tiwari ( Actress)

(This is an interview taken to Preena Tiwari the famous actress of Bhojpuri films. She have acted in 4 Bhojpuri movies and planning to act in Nepali films) Why do you choose the film and arts as profession?
Preena:I choose this field   because I find my self better in it then rest. How was your struggling days? 
Preena: I must say better experience because everything has negative and positive aspects, I am concentrated on positive side only. What are the positive sides?
Preena: The positive aspects like I learned how to talk, acting skill got more flexible, got deeper knowledge about film industry .Yet  there are still  many more things to know. How many films have you acted till date?
Preena: I have acted in four films.
preena Are they all Bhojpuri?
Preena: Yes all the films are in Bhojpuri. Are you here in Kathmandu for movies?
Preena: No, I’m here since my childhood for education. Are you planning to act in Nepali movies?
Preena: Yes I have worked out in it. When will Nepalese audience see  you in the screen?
Preena: I wish in 2017 . What are your hobbies?
Preena: Travelling natural places, collecting currencies and helping helpless people are my hobbies. What is your aim in life?
 Preena: My aim in life is to keep my family happy What is your passion ?
Preena: Acting is my passion. What are your plan ahead?
Preena:  I will just  focus on acting career and help helpless people. What is your second option if you were not an actress?
Preen:  I may be social worker if I was not an actress. What is life?
Preena: Life is obviously not an easy journey but still  we need to walk. What are your message for fans and well wisher?
Preena: Firstly love to all my fans and well wishers, also to those who are reading it. I want to request to have faith in your  labor and god is always with you. Never get restless if you don’t get your  destiny and remember that a palace takes more time to be formed than a hut.  Can you give the name of your movies
Preena: Shiver Charcha, Dildar Sajna, Dulhan ham Le jayenge, Team 4 are my movies.

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