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I want to contribute my life for nation : Mingma Sherpa ( Managing Director, Seven Summit Treks Pvt. Ltd)

mingma have an interview with Mingma Sherpa , the Managing Director of Seven Summit Trekking .

Seven Summit Treks & Expedition is one of the leading mountain tourism base business agencies of Nepal.This company is established under Company Act 2053 and Tourism Act 2035. The company is also licensed from Tax Department of Nepal as taxpayer, from Central Bank of Nepal as foreign currency acceptable company from foreigners and members of national and international tourism umbrella organizations. Seven Summit Treks is run by professional Trekking & Mountain guides. Nepal is a country full of many opportunities for adventure.

Mingma Sherpa, Managing Director of Seven Summit Treks is the first person among Nepalese who successfully summit 14 mountains of the world which are above 8000 meter height without repeating and kept a new record in the world’s history.  How was your childhood ?

Mingma Sherpa: I was born in 2035 BS in the remote village Makalu VDC-9 of Sankhuwasabha District. I was born in the cow shed according to my parents. I was brought up in the village as others. I used to look after the cattle , work in the pastures and spent the time there with the cattles. I was there in the village up to the age of 14. I went to the school which was very far from the village. I think I have only attended the school for about 18 months in the duration of 5 years due to the distance. The school was only up to 5 grade. The context was like that at that time. Do  you have any special memories of your childhood?

Mingma Sherpa:  All the incidents are moving like the reel in my mind at present. The moments are the precious things. The time I spent in the pastures looking after the Yak and other cattle is still fresh in my mind. I had spend a lot of time in the mountain alone in the shed. Where do you move  after the village?

Mingma Sherpa:  I  came to Kathmandu  from Sankhuwasabha. We used to go to Dharan some time in our relatives home but the Kathmandu was very new to us. There were no one known to us in Kathmandu. The time was toughest for us to survive here. I have worked as laborer in the construction site to survive. : What force you to come to Kathmandu?

Mingma Sherpa:  There were people who have came to Kathmandu and cities from my village. I used to ask to them about the city. I was always eager to know about the place. I think I have deep instinct inside me for the city. Then I came to Kathmandu and stayed with my aunt at Maharajgunj. I always remember her because she was the lady who provide us food and shelter. I used to sleep in the small hotel of my aunt.It was very difficult to get the work then. I have worked as labor for about 7 months. : How do you started your  career in tourism ?

Mingma Sherpa:  After working as laborer for 7 months, the season for the trekking came and I started the trekking as porter. I have worked as porter for about 4 years. I have made a trip to Goshaikunda for the first time. The work was very difficult due to snow. Some day thought of returning to village came to the mind but the lack of money stopped me. Later the field and work attract in such a way that it became habit and necessity. We can say it as a part of life. : What do you do after that?

Mingma Sherpa:  I am a Sherpa and I was quite near to the Himalaya. My village was also near to the Himalaya which always fascinates me . I started my work as climber after that. I got a chance to climb the small peaks of 5000 meter. Then I was familiar and attracted by the Himalayas. I have climbed the Singhachuli peak of 5500 meter in Annapurna base camp for the first time . The another  peak was named as 10th peak which I have climbed. : How many peaks you have conquered yet ?

Mingma Sherpa:  I have climbed about 12 peaks of 6000 meter where I have climbed about 70% of the peaks above 7000 meter. I have conquered all the 14 peaks of the world which are above 8000 meter. Which is the world record. : How do the concept of setting a world record came to your mind ?

Mingma Sherpa: I always want to do something extra for the country. I first want to be the fastest climber but I was not able then I want to climb for three times to the Everest ,this was also not possible. But my destiny was to climb all the 14 peaks above 8000 meter which is the record. I realize it after the massive media coverage. I am the first and it is unbreakable record. My brother have climbed all the peaks and became the second. My record of first is always remarkable. We are the first brothers in the world to conquer all the 14 peaks above 8000 meter. : What is the story behind the establishment of Seven Summit Trek?

Mingma Sherpa: The eminent Sherpa personalities earn the name from this sector but they focuses sin going to the foreign country.I was making up my mind to established a company which can contribute for the development of tourism sector. I was climbing the peaks ,at the same time I established the company. I have founded the company on the basis of my experience and named it Seven Summit Treks which have a meaningful name . The name was kept regarding the half of the 14 peaks I conquered. I have climbed 9 peaks at the time of company’s establishment.  I want to make the company different . As I have come to the present stage from the lowest level , I want to give respect to all the staffs and workers. My dream is to make this company a platform for the younger generation. I want to pour my expertise and experience for the benefit of my nation. I was never attracted by any foreign country. : How do you look back to the journey of your life from the present point ?

Mingma Sherpa: I have all the memories in my mind. I have never forgot my days as porter, guide and even as Md of Seven Summit Trek today. They are the precious wealth of life. If we forget the past we won’t have future or identity. I equally respect the younger brother and sisters . We have to respect all the level and nature of works. I always turn back. I never see any person in front of me. I want to make every struggling persons stand in my place. : What are your  unforgettable moments in life ?

Mingma Sherpa:We always saw the death from the tight point every time. We were compelled to see the dead body of our beloved friend which is very sorrowful. We have narrow escape with the death many times in life. There are a lot of incidents in life. My happiest moment in life was the moment of conquering the 14th peak. I felt that if I died also my life will be meaningful. I realized that I have made something worthy in my life. I have set a name as the first which is a great achievement. : What are your future plans ?

Mingma Sherpa:My future plan is to make the tourism industry strong and backbone for national economy. We are able to attract tourist to our country. I want to create an environment for the better tourism development. I want to create employment opportunity to younger. My dream is to contribute my life to the nation. : What is life ?

Mingma Sherpa:Life is to do something for others because you have your time till death. I have done everything for myself and I want to do for others . : Why haven’t the tourism sector do not developed as expected?

Mingma Sherpa:The government have done the things but it was not sufficient. We are using generator in the second richest country in the water resources. Tourism industry is the industry with out investment. Abou 50% people are depend on tourism. The sector should be developed in an organized way. The leaders have to be sensitive and loyal to country. Nepal is a small house which can be cleaned easily and in short span of time. I see the golden days ahead.

Mountains Summitted by Mingma Sherpa

Name of Mountain
Total Summited
Summitted Year(s)
Mount Everest (8848 m) –Nepal
1 Times
2004 (Spring)
K-2 (8611 m) –Pakistan
1 Times
2004 (Summer)
Kanchanjunga (8586 m) –Nepal
1 Times
2011 (Spring)
Lhotse (8516 m) –Nepal
1 Times
2002 (Spring)
Makalu (8463 m) –Nepal
1 Times
2001 (Spring)
Cho-Oyu (8201 m) –Nepal
2 Times
2000 (Autumn), 2002 (Autumn)
Dhaulagiri (8167 m) –Nepal
1 Times
2010 (Spring)
Manaslu (8163 m) –Nepal
1 Times
2000 (Spring)
Nanga Parbat (8125 m) –Pakistan
1 Times
2010 (Summer)
Annapurna I (8091 m) –Nepal
1 Times
2010 (Spring)
G-I (8068 m) –Pakistan
1 Times
2010 (Summer)
Broad Peak (8047 m) –Pakistan
1 Times
2003 (Summer)
G-II (8035 m) –Pakistan
1 Times
2003 (Summer)
Shisha Pangma (8027 m) –Tibet
1 Times
2001 (Autumn)





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