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I want to set the record for music and tourism: Chhewang sherpa ( DJ)


DJ Chhewang is performing DJ for 12 years. He have tried to set the record of DJ session set on the land. He have played the music on 5800 meter at Mera Peak. We have intervied with Chhewang sherpa . How was your childhood?

Chhewang Sherpa: I was born in the remote vdc  of Solukhumbhu  district Kerung  VDC ward 9. It was very fun at my childhood. I lived in the village since up to my slc. I have done my SLc from Changsthan Secondary School. Then I moved to Kathmandu. : How do you attract towards the field of DJ?

Chhewangsherpa : I was fond of music from my childhood.  I used to carry cds of different bands and songs in my pocket in the village and entertain the villagers by playing them in any rituals and function. I was attracted and pulled by the music from that time. It is my passion.  Have  done any courses ?

Chhewang Sherpa: I have DJ profession  for about 12 years. I have played in many cities of Nepal.  It is very suitable time for DJ. People are demanding DJ in many functions. We have a lot of scope. Some time the people demands their typical songs for dance and they got angry when we are unable to play promptly. But the people gives us love and respect as this is the profession of entertaining others. do the concept of world record came in to your mind ?

Chhewang Sherpa :It is already 12 years I am in this field . I have started  the journey  for Mera peak for the campaign of Safe Tourism. I wanted to promote Nepali tourism . We have faced a hard times. We have to clarify the world about actual condition of Nepal after earthquake. I  wanted erase the confusion from the minds of people. We have shoot all the activities. It was 5800 meter and suddenly one of my friend remind me about the world record. Then I have applied. But unfortunately we were behind 5 minutes. We have shoot  for short times. At that time I realize the value of time. We have struggle hard to do the task. With the help of Thile Gurung who was habitual at that place. There was snowfall from the night we have to make the way to reach there. Finally we have done the task. It was my one of the finest moment in life.

Chhewang Sherpa :I have got a warm welcome and response from the well wisher and people. My dream was near but missed it with technical reason which can be corrected in the days to come. I want to promote typical music and tourism. I am hungry to set the record. The music fraternity also have welcomed me with different programs. do you choose Tho Rangla Pass for record?

Chhewang Sherpa : We are planning this time to perform and set the record at THo Rangla Pass. It is at the altitude of 5500 meter. We will shoot all the details and make a documentary. I am doing this for the tourism and music. we will return from their with the Guiness record.

I want to thank all my friend, supporters and sponsors.





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