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National consultant for Project Mid-Term Review, Beijing, CHINA

Closing date: Monday, 26 June 2017

National consultant for Project Mid-Term Review

Location : Beijing, CHINA

Application Deadline : 26-Jun-17 (Midnight New York, USA)

Type of Contract : Individual Contract

Post Level : National Consultant

Languages Required : English Chinese

Starting Date : (date when the selected candidate is expected to start) 20-Jul-2017

Duration of Initial Contract : late July to end of 2017, actual 25 working days in total.


Project Background

With the new 13th Five Year Plan (13th FYP) being announced in March 2016, China is at the crossroads of shifting from its current resource and energy intensive economic growth pattern to a new efficient and clean pattern driven by technology innovation. Low carbon and climate action are expected to have an important role in the new five year plan. Pursuing a low carbon development path is a consensus at the top political level and also a centerpiece of its new development goal of building an ‘eco-civilization’. Meanwhile, the international community aspires to reach the goal of limiting temperature rise below 2 degrees Celsius compared to the pre-industrial level. In this context, China is laying out a massive transformational national low carbon development plan, which is incorporated into its overall socioeconomic development plan. China aims to peak its CO2 emissions by 2030, and is going to cut its CO2 emissions per unit of GDP (carbon intensity) by 40-45% by 2020 and 60-65% by 2030 compared to the 2005 level. To achieve these targets, China has formulated and is planning to formulate a series of policies and measures both at the central and local level.

Establishing a national carbon market (also called national ETS) is the central policy instrument for China. Since 2011, China has started to create and test carbon emissions trading scheme in 7 pilots (in provinces of Guangdong and Hubei, and the cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing, and Shenzhen). Since the launch of the first pilot on June 18, 2013, trading is taking place in the Chinese pilot markets. 42.09 million emissions’ allowances have been traded on the secondary market across the seven ETS pilots, accounting for a total value of US$200.48 million, with an average price of US$4.76/ton. The early operations of the ETS pilots give the opportunity for China to get hands-on experiences on the process, designing and implementation of ETS. Key experiences accumulated from the pilots reveal the ‘learning by doing’ nature of the work, and also prove that the establishment of a functioning and robust ETS requires continuous and dedicated efforts

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