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Nepalese are impressive and rich in their hearts: Sebatien Shanty ( Chairman, Garuda Home For Children France)


Sebatien Shanty is the Chairperson of  GARUDA HOME FOR CHILDREN, the organization working for the children in France. The organization is supporting different NGOS in Nepal. We have a  brief interview with Sebatien Shanty. What is Garuda foundation in France?

Sebatien: Garuda is a new social organization established in France.We made this organization  to support for the right of children to Nepal. We are providing support to Center For Disable Children Assistance (CDCA) in Kathmandu Nepal.The name for my association in France is GARUDA HOME FOR CHILDREN, I am the president and   3 friend with me, its really good people.the team is important for engagement, there are Clemence, Arnaud and second Sebastien. How is your experience in Nepal?

Sebatien: It’s really exceptional ,  Nepalese  are  the most impressive and  rich in their hearts. What do you want to do for Nepal?
Sebatien: I want already able to help my friend Dendi with his trekking agency, times are difficult since the earthquake and I intend to do much better for his agency. And I will search for the places to support from my organization. I am attached with Nepal and want to do something for Nepal. are the differences and similarity between Nepal and France?

Sebastien: The only common point between our two countries is that everyone passes are time on his mobile phone, apart from that we all have different and I realize that the system of insurance and costs covered for medical care are different. But personally life Nepal really pleases me, people here are more authentic What are your future plan for Nepal?

Sebatien: I do not have  a lot of money but I’d like to come here every year with a new project to help . There are  need of electricity, of hot water to re-education material, much remains to be done even if every day they walk with pride.It is important to clarify  that I love to meet people like you, that his true savior rights here every day, I had the opportunity to take photos for you and I would start with the greatest pleasure.

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