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Pushpalal Memorial Multiple College, Chabahil is the college of people: Shambhu Adhikari ( Campus Chief,Pushpalal Memorial Multiple College, Chabahil)

sh  have taken an interview with  Shambhu Adhikari, Campus Chief of Pushpalal Memorial  Multiple College, Chabahil. The college was established in 2057 BS as Namunadeep Foundation and later change the name as Pushpalal Memorial Multiple  College. There are classes from KG to PG and about 1900 students are getting education from the institution at present. What is the background of the college?

Shambhu Adhikari: We started the institution from 2057 BS as Namunadeep School. We have changed the name later to give tribute to the legendary political leader , thinker, philosopher and eminent personality Pushpalal Shrestha. We have seen many students deprived of education in the lack of money and accessibility and that was not tolerable for us . So we started the college to provide quality and practical education in an affordable fees.

plm What are the special features of the college?

Shambhu Adhikari: We have many features as we are the college of the  general people. This is the platform for the people who have low income but high aspiration for education. Any students from any nook and corner of Nepal and abroad can afford the fees and take education in academic environment here in our college. If I have to say in the points the following are the features of the college:

  1. Quality education in affordable fees
  2. Disciplined and academic environment
  3. Experienced and qualified faculty members
  4. Spacious and learning friendly building and environment
  5. Regular ECA and CCA
  6. Varieties of subjects and faculties Why Pushpalal College is different from others?

Shambhu Adhikari: There are many differences. The main difference is that we are the college of the general people which do not have any bar for economic, cultural and social background. We have not put DI which is a fashion now a days. The environment inside our premises is the DI. We have system of evaluation and monitoring of faculties and students. No one can return from our college in the lack of money. We are the best choice of the students from the different parts of the country. What are the faculties provided by the college?

Shambhu Adhikari: We have all faculties in higher education and we have management. humanities and education in the college level. We are running masters classes in different subjects and planning to add more subjects in the days to come. What is the reason behind the name ?

Shambhu Adhikari: It is an important and frequently asked question. The name is tribute to Pushpalal Shrestha who have led the foundation of communism in Nepal. The name is the representation of the majority of the progressive people in Nepal and abroad. Nepal is running in the path imagined by him 6 decades ago and we want to remember him for ever through this organization. Do you have anything to say at last?

Shambhu Adhikari: At last I want to request all the students to choose our college for education. We can make the students happy with education and practical approach which can help them to shape up their future.

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